Webtop Nextcloud integration

I found this in the NS docs for Nextcloud Integration.
I followed the instructions, but nothing seems to happen, is there more to this?
How exactly is Nextcloud integrated into Webtop, I assume that you would be able to access and link your nextcloud files into email etc, when click the ‘cloud’ on Webtop?

Nextcloud integration
Nextcloud installation is disabled by default for all users. To enable Nextcloud integration:

Install “Nextcloud” module from Software Center.
Access WebTop as admin user then enable the Nextcloud authorization:
Access the Administration menu, then Domains ‣ NethServer ‣ Groups ‣ Users ‣ Authorizations
Add (+) ‣ Services ‣ com.sonicle.webtop.vfs (Cloud) ‣ Resource ‣ STORE_CLOUD ‣ Action ‣ CREATE
:menuselection:`Add (+) –> Services –> com.sonicle.webtop.vfs (Cloud) –> Resource –> STORE_OTHER –> Action –> CREATE
Click OK then save and close

Yes, as user you have to add it too, just enter username and password and it should work:

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