Webtop missing strings

I found several points, where webtop only displays some strange message-id instead of real human readable strings.

E.g. in the cloud integration:

What is the reason for this? Is it a missing translation? If so, how to find this in Transifex (i translated all missing texts in Transifex to German, but didn’t found this one).

Also: Is the issue tracker still used?

The German translation of the label is certainly missing.
You must ask @matteo.albinola or @gabriele_bulfon for access to translations on Transifex.

The bug tracker has been migrated to Jira here: https://issues.sonicle.com/

Should Webtop not display the english one, in this case?

I found it in Transifex. You must use a special search syntax: “key:act-genFileDlQRcode.lbl”. I determined, that I translated this string yesterday. :slight_smile:
I hope it will make it into the updates soon

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