Webtop mapi language

Hello, I am using the Webtop add-on which works fine except I require the email draft in English rather than Italian.

It appears that Italian may be hardcoded into sonicle-webtop-drafter.jar (which is possibly called by tvhsoniclemapi.dll in windows). When a webtop draft is created this way, the “Please wait” dialogue box and “. . message in drafts . .” dialogue box are both in Italian. The resulting email also has text in the body in Italian.

Is there a way to fix this without recompiling java files?

Ehi @Greg, great to know you’re still heavily focused on WebTop!
I think that @gabriele_bulfon and @raffaele_fullone will likely have some insights here /cc @lucag

Yes Alessio, we migrated to Nethserver and Webtop and it’s a big job to change so I’m trying to make things work as well as I can. I quite like it compared to other web-based clients. I think it helps that it looks and feels a little bit like M$ outlook which helps me because our staff were familiar with outlook and don’t like change. The groupware part works well too.

My biggest issue is the lack of documentation, I seem to have to spend a long time trying different things or looking through code to solve problems.

I’m willing to work on the mapi stuff if someone can point me in the right direction. I’d like to try and alter the draft email process so that you could potentially have your own template for what ends up in the body, etc.

Sorry for the late response, you’re right webtop lacks of documentation. I hope @lucag and @gabriele_bulfon could cover this gap (mapi stuff as well)