WebTop (local) as Authentication (directory) for a new domain?

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How hard is it to give us the possibility to use, in WebTop 5, WebTop (local) as Authentication (directory) for a new domain?

As we know, NS7 can’t manage different domains to use it as multi domains email server.
Has WebTop 5 the possibility to use different account providers in the same time?

I have tried to add, in WebTop 5, a new domain (beside the existing one) with WebTop (local) as account provider.
I figured out how to add services (mail, contacts, …) to the user email account that I’ve created.
Because WebTop doesn’t create a database for the new domain when you create it, when you log in in the new email account, an authentication error is displayed, and you don’t have usual folders (inbox, sent, …) in the account.
However, I can send emails but I can’t receive (there is no Inbox folder).

After these attempts, I think it is possible but I don’t have the knowledge to do this.

The goal is to have a multi domain email server.
I know at least one person, @transocean , apart me, who would be glad to have such feature on NS 7!

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AFAIK, you can’t manage the multi-domain feature of Webtop5 on NS7.
That feature is provided for support on different setups, such as our XStream based cloud services.

The Webtop local domain, will allow you to manage different Webtop5 domains with authentication managed directly by Webtop inside its database (infact you can add and setup users directly in Webtop, and users can change their password directly inside Webtop).
In this case, all services will function, but you will need to setup mail accounts externally and provide account details directly on each user settings.

You may add new Webtop ldap domains if you have access to different ldaps that manage different domain accounts, but again, I don’t know if you can do this with NS7 on a single machine.


Hi Gabriele,

Thank you for your answer!

This is exactly what I tried to do!
It doesn’t matter if I will create the users directly inside WebTop.
The problem was that I did not finished this “task” because the database was not created and I don’t know how to do this.
It is mandatory to use WebTop LDAP, or should work only with WebTop local database? In this last case, I think will work on a single machine.
Again, maybe is just a foolish from me to think should work, but I ask.


There is no database to be created, the webtop5 database will contain all domains informations and local users.
Once you have your local domain with local users created, you should be able to login using a combo box to select the domain. If you get in with the new local user of the new domain, you should be able to enter but just don’t find email because it just don’t know where is it: it must be configured on each user.

If you can reach this step, and have email accounts available for these users (configured somewhere else), you should log in as admin inpersonating the user and change its mail setting.
To login as admin impersonating the user, you can use the login form : admin!user@domain / admin password.

Keep in mind that, because NS7 is not automating for you the multi-domain installation, managing multi Webtop local domains can be a pain.

Let me know what step you reached exactly, and what you can’t go on doing.


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Doesn’t work!

Strange behavior:

  • First, I have created the same Username for the two different domains.
  • I can send and receive email with the user from the main domain (NethServer)
  • I can send mail with the user from the new domain (TestDomain), I cannot receive (relay error).
  • No matter from what domain I send mails, the mails appear in the Sent folder of both users.
  • The received mails appear only in the main domain, of course.
  • I have tried to reproduce by creating another same Username for both domains.
    This time I had an authentication error for the user from the new domain (TestDomain) - photo 6.
  • Same error for other new user created only in the new domain - photo 6.

I give up!
Case closed!

Thank you for your attention and for your time, Gabriele.

For this approach, I’m stuck with NS 6.8 and Zentyal.

Kind regards,

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