WebTop groupware on NethServer

Another question, does Web Top support PGP and user controlled filters?

I have tried having a look on their site, but the website contains virtually no documentation. (site has a hyperlink that sends me to sourceforge and then directs me to a 404 page)

I think we should ask webtop developers to join us here, what do you think @alefattorini?


That’ s a good idea @filippo_carletti

Just invited on this discussion. Hope Raffaele and Gabriele would like to join us :wink:

Hi, nice to see interest in the WebTop platform.
Yes, custom user filters are fully configurable, and translated automatically into sieve server scripts.
PGP is not built in yet, as we’re more accustomed to our Italian PEC standard, but we will definetly look into it.

Thanks for pointing broken links: we’re hardworking together for the upcoming release into NethServer, so public links may be outdated.


thanks Gabriele for accepting my invitation, I’m happy to see you here… Welcome on NethServer Community.
People helped us to test a few webtop dependencies like postgresql and tomcat:

Thanks also to @raffaele_fullone for being here.

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Just released the first public beta of WebTop 4: http://dev.nethserver.org/issues/3184

Please @raffaele_fullone write down here some testing scenarios.

The package is already available inside the master mirror and will be soon synced to all other mirrors.


i’ve installed webtop: first from the loginpage i cannot choose domain (they are not display) , second it seems that there isn’t an “admin” account from which i can setup a set of rules for all the users(but i can be wrong) an than users have only to choose some basic features like layout , display name etc…

edit: hint give the opportunity to join to the cloud section nethserver folder(like owncloud) … how can i import contacts?(ok found it…only csv? in Sogo you can export only ldif)

Given a server named mail.mydomain.com, users can access the web interface with a user name like this: user@mydomain.com

There is also an administrator user, credentials are: admin/admin.

Here ends my application knowledge :smiley:

ok admin works :smiley:

Maybe @gabriele_bulfon have something on this?


we have faced the problem of transferring contacts from ldif export sometime ago.
Looks like both Sogo and Thunderbird exports ldif only.
Webtop currently supports import from the more common vcard export formats (done by both gmail and outlook).
We could not find any software able to convert properly from ldif to vcard, but you may try yourself and maybe
find one?
In any case, we’re considering to implement ldif import into webtop directly, in the near future


Released the first stable release of WebTop 4.
The package is already available inside the master mirror and will be soon synced to all other mirrors.

Documentation: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/webtop4.html


I assume that many potential users of WebTop on Nethserver would be currently using MS Outlook.
In order to migrate these users it would be necessary to transfer across their mail, contacts and calendar. Am I correct in assuming that there is no direct pst file import?
If not the the post below gives a great solution to the mail transfer

In relation to contacts it could be time consuming to go to each user in a typical school or office to export all their contacts in csv file to import to WebTop.
Is there a better way?
How can Calendar items be imported to WebTop?

In order for WebTop on Nethserver to gain users, an easy way to migrate from Outlook / Exchange is (in my view) important.

AFAIK, we have a working procedure that automates import of mail, calendar and contacts from the outlook .pst file.

That is good news. I would like to test that procedure. Is it available and is it documented anywhere?


I also know @lucag and @nethcman have a testing script for PST import. Can you share it?

Thanks for the link showing how to get calendars and contacts from SoGo.
Is there a method to get from pst to SoGo? If so, then it could be a 2 step process to come from pst to WebTop.
The script to come directly from pst to WebTop would be very useful.
As WebTop has the look and feel of Outlook is seems to be aimed at getting Outlook users to try WebTop. If they can’t migrate their data they can’t use Webtop.

If an Outlook client could be connected to Nethserver then data could be imported or just copied and pasted simply.
This approach is possible in Zarafa and Zentyal both of which I have used.
If Nethserver can have good methods of importing mail, calendar and contacts from Exchange/Outlook then the Groupware part of it would be hugely attractive to community organisations and small business.

you could just use outlook as an imap client and copy/paste emails, but in my experience it’s just a PITA…

Outlook is a M$ client, using proprietary protocols… Zentyal and Zarafa are exchange replacement, NS is not nor SOGo is…

finally, pst files must be treated with gloves because they’re quite “unstable”, expecially when they’re quite big