WebTop Cloud Access via WebDAV Client

As there is no native client to access the cloud files in webtop (like the nextcloud app), I try to access the files via an webdav client (e.g. Filebrowser pro in iOS).

Is this possible? I cannot find a correct url to acces the cloud files in webtop…

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Helllo @schweidj,

In my Webtop I can view the uploaded/downloaded files within WebTop Cloud from my Webtop GUI under Cloud (left hand side of my menu):


Clicking on that icon I can see my Documents > Uploads files. I’ve been recently testing the use of WebTop so you can see the results of the folders/files I’ve used in my testing:


Not sure if this is what you are looking for…hopefully the @webtop_team can chime in if there is a way to view WebTop Cloud documents via WebDAV as well.


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Hi @greavette

thank you for your reply, but what I was looking for an option to access the files from other apps (eg. via webdav) and not from the browser.

The problem is solved for me.
I switched to nextcloud as I could not find a solution.

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Hi @schweidj,
I can confirm that there is currently no possibility to access, or synchronize, files contained on the webtop cloud from external applications via WebDAV.

For this specific need, you were right to switch to Nextcloud which you can always connect within the WebTop cloud :wink:


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Hi @lucag

I already supposed this and as you said I connected next cloud within the webtop cloud.
Nevertheless it would be easier to have direct access to the webtop cloud without the need of another resource hog on the server :slight_smile:

Thank you Luca for the clarification.


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