Webtop Chat App - Auto Update Status to Away during computer inactivity

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Webtop 5 (latest version)

Hello @webtop_team or @lucag,

I’ve enabled the chat app in our Webtop and my staff is loving having this available. One point we’ve noticed though is the status stays at available even though I’ve locked my computer and stepped away. I’m used to using Teams or other chat applications that will automatically change your status to away when there is in activity on your computer. How do I Webtop and Chat app to be aware of when there is in activity on our computer to automatically update the status to Away.

Thank you.

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Hi @greavette,
currently there is no automatic logout mechanism from the WebTop, therefore also from the integrated chat client, if you leave the web session open on the computer that is not active.
It is necessary to log out before leaving your desk to change your availability status.

But I would also like an opinion from @gabriele_bulfon on this aspect and if it will be possible to manage it better in the future.


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Hello @lucag,

Appreciate the reply!

For our Admin staff who use Webtop on a daily basis, we do appreciate that there is no automatic logout for Webtop. Our staff like that they can login to Webtop in morning and move to other apps/webpages on their compute for work and have Webtop available and running for them.

I have instructed my staff to set the status on their Webtop if they do step away. Some staff lock their computers and some don’t if they step away. My usecase is I work from home (thanks to Covid) and I leave myself logged into my computer and leave Webtop running all the time. So if I step away from my computer I do not lock it (I trust my family…no one touches Dad’s computer. :slight_smile: ). I would like to have functionality in Webtop like I’ve had in Teams where in activity on the computer changes my Webtop Chat status.

I look forward to what yourself and @gabriele_bulfon decide for this as a future enhancement.

Thank you.