WebTop 5 selecting mutiple emails to delete/move

I am having problems deleting or moving many emails in WebTop5.
If I select 10, 20, 30, 100 emails, I can move or delete ok.
But, if I have 1000 emails in a folder for example, and I select them all (secondary issue, is there no ‘Select All’ button/checkbox in email), and then click ‘delete’, it only deletes a random number of them, and if select 1000 and ‘drag’ to a folder, it never drags them all, it will say ‘250 selected rows’ or something similar, seems random. The weirder part, if I have say 1059 emails in a folder, and I select them all, and then drag, it will say for example, ‘259 selected rows’, like it wants to be left with a round number( ie. if I have 1056. and I select all, it will select 256 or sometimes 356). I get the same behaviour if I use CTRL-A to select all messages, it will only select 356 etc.
Also, when deleting these messages, the folder does not update unless you click on it again.
The problem seems to lie in WebTop, as I can select all and delete/move all in Thunderbird or any other client.


because of the nature of the “infinite buffered grid” of the web grid component and backing store, when the records are a lot it’s almost impossible to select all the records at the moment, because the component is handling just the pages you have viewed in its buffer.
Actually we should handle this situation by informing the user that the selection he’s trying to operate is not fully operable, and suggest the other provided way.

The other provided way is to use the “move/copy messages” button.
This will allow you to move or copy all the messages result currently on the grid, no matter how many records it has.
For example, you may select the filter “recv. date” and type 2016, to have all last year messages, and then archive them in mass, or “sender” and type a sender to have all messages from a sender, and move them in its specific folder in mass.

Any other suggestion will be nice to consider,


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Why not? I like it, you shouldn’t let the user move too many messages using drag 'n drop. Is it possible? With a warning or whatever.

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I’m sorry, but this is still not working for me.
If I filter out all 2017 rec’d date, and the amount is around 1000, and try to select all in list, it does not even select them all, let alone allow me to move them all. If the number is lower, it seems to work.
First, it is VERY hard to even try to select them all, select first message, scroll all the way to the bottom, click Shift-Select, and sometimes it looks like they are all selected, and sometimes, it just selects that bottom item and I start again. Select bottom item, scroll all the way, almost always fails.
Basically, if I try to select ALL filtered results, I haven’t really done so, and not all messages are moved.
This is very, very, confusing behavior on the user side.
Is there a way to select and move ALL messages, consistently, even filtered?

You’re still trying to select and drag.
The other option is to select just one of message from the grid (filtered or not), then use the button on the toolbar “move/copy messages” (or the context menu): use the dialog to select destination folder and choose the bottome left checkbox to let it move/copy all the result of the grid, then click on copy or move.

I was not trying to drag, but I was trying to select all, which does not work, or is very hard with many messages.
Again, this is going to be very confusing for the end user. I cannot think of another client that acts like this. There should be a way to Select All, and click and drag (or even select all and move/copy). This is behavior that users know, and if they try it, and it does not act as expected, it will create much confusion.
I can live with the move messages for now.
But, there is another issue, which was making this hard to test, not sure if we can address this here, or let me know if I should begin another thread;

If I move any messages with the Move/Copy (filtered or just by selecting), they are now moved to the other folder, if I then go to the other folder, I cannot move them back, or to another folder with the Move/Copy command. It is like WebTop does not know yet that they have moved. And if the moved messages are unread, the new folder does not show the unread messages (although this feature does not seem to work consistently either, sometimes the unread messages show in a folder, sometimes they do not).
I can click and drag them to another folder, but I cannot use the Move/Copy command for moving any messages until I do a browser refresh and reload WebTop.

I understand your first objection, but on a web application it’s not easy to reflect such a selection method.
That’s why most of the web applications don’t implement infinite/buffered scrolling, but just pages of records (as did webtop 4).
I will bring this into discussion with both Sonicle and Nethesis guys to see if we can find a viable path.

The second sounds like a bug somewhere.
I issued a bug here : https://redmine.sonicle.com/issues/185

Thank you!

Like roundecube or gmail right?

We can keep the discussion here. Actually, I’d like to involve @tboston @pasing @maddin too

Yes, but they also let you ‘Select All’ still, which I think is very important.

I’ve never seen a Webapp letting you select all or many mails. AFAIK you can say like “display 50 messages” and then select them to delete/copy/whatever

We decided to give an option to the infinite scroll/buffer grid to see what was the reaction, as many people in WT4 wanted this (trying to mimic a client like Outlook or Thunderbird).
Also this allows easier implementation of the threading model.
Going back to paging model is not so hard, but will need a rework of the threading model (they should not be broken in pages).

I think that notifying the user about unmanaged actions (such as selecting too many pages) and suggesting the other way of moving/copying may be a good option.

Roundcube has a ‘Select All’.
Gmail does as well, but is paginated, it has a select All of everything visible, but tells you if you selected say '60 of 1000 in Inbox, click here to select All messages in Inbox. Perhaps this is what WT needs. If it had a ‘Select All’ button and then a message told you how many you had selected, and then offered a link to then select “All”, then that would work great.


Sugar CRM!
And you can select objects on different pages and than change only that selection!

Ok, comparing with other application also showing what can be a unique feature :smiley: