Webtop 5 not syncing PHP error contacts

Hello Luca, thanks for reminding me this possibility.
Nevertheless my goal was to increase security with totp and use a single app like blue mail in order to use the eas functionality.
It’s so far not working as expected and so I don’t get rid of two apps, one for mail and one for calendar and contacts.
Have to dig further.

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Based on my direct experience I can tell you that unfortunately on Android with EAS I have never found the possibility to change how much to go back in time on the calendar events already past.

By default, the past events of the last month are always and only synchronized and not the oldest ones.


Hello Luca,

I understand it so dat that your passt experiance is the same as mine today. Therefor I have tot use Gmail app and davx app which works fine. Not exactly my goal but suitable tot work with.

Thanks all for the prompt support.

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