Webtop 5 install on Nethserver with AD

NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)
Webtop 5.2.1

I am trying to configure Webtop 5. I was going to set it up with my AD. Unfortunately the documentations for installation and configuration is very limited that I can tell. I am stuck with trying to create my Webtop 5 domain. So currently I am stuck on setting up new domain. Don’t know what to put in, (or better yet - what would be the correct items I could put in for the following) ID: / Internet Domain / Host: / Admin DN . These all depend on your setup that your doing.

I will see if I can place a image in so you can see what I have tried already.

Can someone step through this with me?


Do you use local Nethserver AD or a remote AD server?

You don’t need to configure AD in webtop, just setup an account provider and webtop will be configured to use it.



Thanks for the quick response and sending the link! I am using the Nethserver as a local AD setup. I will review the link you send me. Ok… great, the link has info on the account providers on it. perfect… I will update you with any progress.

Thanks again!


Hmmm… Sorry guys. So… It looks like Webtop 5 setup up everything for you when you have setup AD already and you install Webtop 5 through Software Center. I was WAY over thinking things and figuring I had to start from scratch. I found out that under domain it had a domain built under the name of Nethserver. So… It was my lack of understanding for the software and configuration that had me going on a rabbit trail.

Now I am going to test it all out. Thanks again for your help.



Thank you for reporting it!

If you feel the docs are lacking some important information please suggest modifications or open a Pull Request on GitHub!


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