WebTop 5 first Upgrade Pack

I have the pleasure of announcing the release of the first WebTop 5 upgrade pack

You can follow the usual update procedures for installation using the software center panel.

This link is a complete list of Feature and Bug Fixes included in this Upgrade Pack: https://goo.gl/5wIIv0

Main updates since the last version ( sorry for screenshosts in Italian :slight_smile: )

  • New interactive full index indexing search

  • New advanced inbound filters

  • New view management IMAP folders

  • Improved the view of new mail in discussions

  • New Configuration Option β€œreply to:”

  • Calendar, Address Book, and Activities: New Interactive Selection Menu

  • New authorization for domain signing

  • Possibility to change the color to Calendars, Contacts, and Activities Received in Sharing

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I started another bug thread but maybe you can help. I installed the latest update and rebooted server but the following problem remains.

When syncing an android phone to a webtop 5 calendar on nethserver there is a 4 hour difference in one direction only. If I add an event in web top it works properly when my phone syncs to it. But if I add an event in my phone calendar the start time will be 4 hours later in webtop.