Websites not working even though virtual hosts are ok

Ok so here’s my problem.

I have created a virtual host to test come CMS systems and I have noticed that some systems work (Wordpress) and some systems don’t (grav, pagekit). The ones that do work behave like they should and the ones that don’t work behave like I have an empty folder and the website shows the default nethserver intro site.

So basically the server acts like I don’t have any files in my folder even though I do.
I have tried changing permissions and it didn’t work and both CMS systems that don’t work have an index.php file included (in case it would need one). The added index.html file gets displayed (when I add one) so I don’t know what could be the problem.


Probably you need some extra PHP packages for specific CMS.

Check the following logs:

  • /var/log/httpd/error_log
  • /var/log/messages

This is the only relevant error I could find.

Edit: I have found out that removing .htaccess enables the page so it’s something in there that’s bothering it. I’ll have to check all of them to see what I can find.

AFAIK you can enable the followsymlink action inside the htaccess, just add:

Options +FollowSymLinks