Webmail slow loading

Hello everybody
Since I transferred the mails from my old mail server (google) to nethserver I have problems of slowness.
When I open the webmail and click on Inbox it sometimes takes a few minutes before showing me the contents of the Inbox folder, this problem exists only with my user, with another user the loading is instantaneous.
Another problem is that the space occupied by the mailbox is not true as the space actually occupied is much less than what it shows me on the webmail.
It’s like there’s a database problem that’s dirty.
I’m waiting, thanks

Which webmail are you using, roundcubemail?
And the mailbox size and number of messages? If there are many messages loading time can increase while roundcube is indexing them, IIRC.

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Ram size of the installation?

I don’t use roundcube, I usually use thunderbird as a mail client. The total number of emails is about 80,000 emails.

The mail server is installed on a VM, with 4gb ram, currently used at 89%.

4GB is not “that much” but should be enough at least as VM perspective. Also, 89% seems to me that should not be that under load. Into your memory statistics, which percentage is marked as free?

However, in my personal opinion, if the host has slow storage (due to hardware or due to usage from other VMs) maybe the response time of the storage make feel the system slower and sluggish?
Did you check the performances of your storage system on ProxMox? I don’t know that much this hypervisor, so i cannot suggest you where to look at and the “good values”.

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Hi this is the screenshoot of the load of mail server seems ok:

My colleague has a mailbox with fewer messages and has never encountered slow problems, could it be the fact that I started and stopped the process several times with imapsync and then the database got dirty?
Is there any way to clean up or optimize the database?


AFAIK, Dovecot (the actual mail delivery agent) don’t use a database, but simply files. Might be a file for every folder (mbox) or a file for every message (maildir); if I’m not wrong, currently Nethserver should use mbox as default.
After a backup I suggest you to shrink your mail folders via Thunderbird (in italiano credo sia Compatta); do it once par folder, starting from the chunkier. Take your time, don’t rush it.
If you don’t want to user Thunderbird, also Roundcube allows to do that.

After the shrinking of the mailfolders, you can also ask for reindexing.

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I have tried it now with Roundcube and it seems to go much faster. I try to follow your suggestions. Thanks for now.

Please, keep us posted.

Of course