Webinterface error in firefox

NethServer Version:* your_version
Module: Dashboard

This is probably Firefox related and not NS related, but still annoying.
I am getting a popup after I log in the admin interface.

This is only with firefox. When I use Chromium, there is no problem.
any ideas?

Could it have to do with localisation? I see some entries in the popup with /nl/ while I mostly use the en-US localization…

You can try from a Private window, or starting firefox with plugins disabled. I had a similar issue with firefox:

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yesterday my firebox refused too,seems to be an other issue though.

I was testing a lot and had to remove certificate exceptions to get it up and going again.

I can confirm the cert issues. It seems Firefox can’t manage many different certificate exceptions with same host, after some time TLS handshake takes a long time. When testing arm for instance (lot of reinstalls) the cert changes but same IP is used. When testing with snapshots it’s no problem as the cert is always the same.

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After disabling addons one by one, I found out it indeed was because of an active addon. I removed the addon and all is fine now. In this case it was https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cydec-platform-antifingerprint/ addon.

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