WebFilter doesn’t work

Hi!! I installed the last version of nethserver as a virtual machine on esxi 6.5 and a Windows 10 pro client. I configured NS as domain controller (no ldap but ad). Everything works correctly. Windows 10 join the domain without problem. I installed proxy and web filter and here i have the problem. Only the default group (where is set any host) work. If i create a new profile assigned to a group or user the proxy doesn’t recognize that the client is browsing with the user x and show me all the internet Pages. I need to create a profile with a group because more users will use a single machine. So one ip address but different users. How can i solve it? Thank you!

Can you send us your config and your logs please.



So we can try to find out what happens.

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Hi @nikoz83,

to filter by users or groups you need authenticated proxy mode AFAIK:



@m.traeumner ok! tonight i’ll send you all. Thank you!

ok @mrmarkuz ! i’ll try this solution tonight…but i think that i tested also with authenticated proxy but when I enter username and password in the empty fields and click ok, the window doesn’t disappear. it almost seems that it doesn’t recognize the credentials.

perfect @mrmarkuz now is working. Sorry for the late. Thank You!


You’re welcome. Please mark the answer as solution to close this topic and help others to find the solution easily…


Could you please mark the answer that solved the problem, which may be this one because then another user will see the solution in the first post after the support question which is really helpful. Thank you.


Done! Sorry…but it’s the first time that i use this Forum. Thank you!