Web Access Control

Is it possible to have a client mac controlled internet access that can be configured to work with time slots and other parameters

I didn’t try it myself, but with NethServer 7 as gateway/firewall I think it can be done.

If it needs to be controlled by the MAC address, setting an IP reservation could help.

  • Configuration > DHCP > IP reservation

The basic firewall module allows creating firewall rules with time conditions.

  • Gateway > Firewall objects > Time conditions
  • Gateway > Firewall rules > Create rule…

Firewall rules can be extended with additional services (P2P, games…) controlled by the DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) module.
As for other parameters the web filter module shall be of use.

Out of curiosity, is it for parental control?

Yes, it’s for parental control and office browsing times. I want to be able to limit kids internet access times automatically

thanks for all your help and i really do appreciate. i dont know if you are familiar with ubiquiti rocket m2 radio. there is a place on it where you can refer wireless connections to the server for authentication. can i use this with nethserver

if i can, how do i configure it. thanks

If you are referring to RADIUS authentication, it is not available on NethServer.
I haven’t evaluated the effort, but I think it will be hard to add as a new feature.

something like this luci-access-control for openwrt could be nice

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@filippo_carletti, @stephdl

SME Server has working Radius - though no web interface to configure it. It must be done with commands. But Radius & WPS2 (Not WPA2PSK!) worked well. MacBooks were easy, windows had a problem with the certificate, but I got em working too…

Radius isn’t that hard to integrate with LDAP…


If you are looking for WPA Enterprise it’s nearly to impossible in NethServer at the moment, because WPA Ent need cleartext passwords.
@areguera did a wonderful job adding radius and wpa, but you can’t use system users.

Nice to have, not really looking for it…


Still good work!