We must organize the doc

This is a start… http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=howto:db_command_tutorial

You have also a sitemap http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=start&do=index

Obviously a wiki is alive so each version of ns should have its own page with all pertinent informations

I made few modificationin the landing page.
What do you think about?

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Can we change the header of the wiki?

Can we change for NethServer WIKI or NethServer Documentation?..
Because NethServer Doc don’t give a good feeling :unamused:

I would like to organize a little more the how to page http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=howto_s

I think a second tag could help for this

Which one ?

What do you think about “installation”," dummies",“general” and “testing”


Imho a tag must categorise a content you need and you are looking for.

So vpn,webapp,apache,mysql, and much more like installation are good tags but i’m not sure concerning tag about levels (novice…middle and experimented.)

From my point of view any howto must reach the goal of the reader…even for a beguiner.

Of course jim it is only my 2c thought and if you need to add more tag…go. You can find all used tags in the help page and there http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=category

Very interesting for people who are asking about e-smith and other things under the hood

I made few change in the How To page.

@AbsyntH, @sitz, @Ctek, @stephdl, @WillZen, @Jim
What do you think ?

Who can help to make Howto for dummies?
I think to have
how to setup a DHCP Server,
how to put a rule ( Red, orange, green ) on a interface,
how to configure the proxy

Such stuff can be very helpful for newcomer and for a first approach for someone who just discover NethServer and investigate possibilities.

Edit 2: do you think it can be useful to add the level? ( beginner, intermediate, advanced )

Edit 3: @sitz Can I copy paste your howtos for dummies from Discourse to Docuwiki?

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I made my first howto for dummies
A real history that occurred here… Someone forget the comma :laughing:

Edit: in the How to setup the DNS and How to setup the DHCP, I pick from the administrator manual.
I must mention it, or not?


I like your change. :+1:

Yes, I prefer the added level. At the moment we have a view Howto’s but will it increase it will help to sort out the right one.

At the same time, with the actual classification, there’s the category “For dummies” where we will put all tutorials for newcomers, novices…

I’m not sure ( anymore ) that’s a classification by skill level is necessary…
It’s possible to create a third tag, but is it useful? What is your point of view?


In the HowTos ( for users ), I created tags like ht_installation, ht_dummies, etc,etc… for classify these howto.

What do you think to create tags like htd_esmith, htd_webgui, htd_rpm, td_tips, htd_language for classify all howto for developers ( and futurs advanced users) in this page?: ( htd for How To Development )


Did you termine your how to setup a developper environment? Edit: I found it :wink:


What do you think about create few how to for the translation? To help newcomer to start translate in it’s own language?

Edit: @stephdl and @jgjimenezs
Developers and Translators in the same page or separate?

Edit: I saw the existing tags esmith, rpm, etc,etc… I used them


I would opt for NethServer Documentation, or maybe even more accurate: NethServer Community Documentation.


Has someone a software to make network diagram?
I would like to make two howTOs to explain NethServer as Firewall/Gateway and NetServer as Server only mode…
Like this:

I was asking myself: Must we stay with “HowTo” or go for “user guides” ( as opposites as “Developer Guides”)?
Like the ClearOS documentation, https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/start
we will have all the guide…
But what about a FAQ for the newcomer and the potential interested user.
Must we extend to a Knowledge base? ( Hardware compatibility, etc, etc…)


I am using LibreOffice impress. It comes with pictogram or you can get from the community. What you see in my Howto VPN I did it with it.

Already some how-to in the community, but we are here to help. this week I will be reviewing the new languages and new members who want to help translate.

I think the translation is a big part, and must have it’s own page.
The same tough for the Quality team.
To show the stuff, to explain how to do, to make the convitation to participate.

We have some troubles with the dokuwiki sitemap.

For exemple. /start really similiar to /wiki/welcome

Howto and how_tos…
And lot of stuff that are in the wrong place or wrong level in the tree…

Is there a way to make correction?

How can I work in the Dokuwiki Left Menu?

I want to reorganize it
(Joke: Yes, I love reorganize left menus :laughing: :laughing: )

I want make it smarter for users and for makers / contributors
In the same shot, to make things better for the sitemap tree

I would like to do:

  • Main site. ( link to Nethserver.org)
  • Forum. ( link to Discourse/categories)
  • Wiki. ( link to Dokuwiki )
  • Administrator manual ( link to the actual Official Admin Manual )
  • User Guides. ( link to the actual user howtos )
  • Bug reports. ( link to the actual Quality page )
  • User Guides. ( internal link to user guide writer at the end of the actual howto page )
  • Translation. ( Internal link to translation page at the end for translators )
  • Quality. ( internal link to the quality page at the end, the contributor part )
  • Developer ( link to the actual developer page)

For futures purposes, I plan a FAQ entry in the left menu, in User Guides.
For all informations, for people that just discover NethServer and not install it yet.

For futures purposes, I plan a Knowlefge Base Entry, in the left menu, in User Guides. For all very usefull informations that all NethServer sysadmin must know.