We must organize the doc

Go on with the left menu, we should do some tests

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I beg your pardon?
The wiki left menu? http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=sidebar

Yes. As you already suggested

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Make few changes to rename “for Dummies” in Basic Configuration.

I know the serie For Dummies, but in this series, they fully assume the humoristic side.
Here in the forum, it’s okay.
But for the wiki, where it’s difficult to remember this humoristic effect, I finally prefer rename it, in something more generic,
Rename too, the howtso page in User_guides, it will be easier to separate the howTo guides for Makers ( translators, developpers, Quality) from Users


@Jim I don’t understand why the left menu ‘Bug Report’ goes to http://wiki.nethserver.org/doku.php?id=quality

Iit’s a way to remember howto fill a bug report.
Did you think it’s better to point on Redmine?

in fact redmine for ns67 and github for NS7

I already wrote down the suggested procedure, create a new topic into the Bug category

@jim what about to write a page for bug reporting with the two links and the @alefattorini 's content for the Bug report menu

Something more, I didn’t understand why you added to the dokuwiki page the tag ‘​module ​userguide ht_application’, I prefer to let only the tag ‘module’ for the add-ons (I removed them myself)

the redundancy sometime is not necessary. ​

at start, I let the space for the Quality Team do this.
But yes, the stuff @alefattorini do is good, and can do the job

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Hello again,

With the 7.x upgrade, I’m seeing that there’s lot of stuff that change…
For example: With the CentOS 7.x the LVM manager didn’t exist anymore, it was changed by System-Storage-Manager…

So we must rewiew our documentation and add the Centos OS version TAG in the wiki.
Now I don’t know what is the best practise between these two ways:

  • Centos6, centos7 and a centos_all for all version, with three distinctives sections.
  • Centos6, centos7 only tags and have two sections with the page than can appear in the two sections.

What you you think?


I’d like a discourse like approach: v6 and/or v7

@alefattorini: the #shaker is back


So two sections, and the related wiki page can appear in both sections!

Okay :slight_smile:

Edit: @docs_team, It’s a call for you: With A Little Help of My Friends - Joe Cocker :grinning:

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Is there an easy way to add labels on dokuwiki? @stephdl
Using v6 and v7 looks ok to me.

yeah I already noticed it

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add in the page you want

{{tag>ns6 ns7 othertag}}


nsX or vX?

What form should we adopt?

I prefer “v” because it’s already set as tag in discourse and in manual urls.

I already start to do something in Userguides I had create ht_v6 and ht_v7 tags

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I would prefer something simple and generic : v6 v7

When you want to write a tag you don’t need to think how to write it. The risk if the tag name is complicated is to get a lot of different names.

Except for ladies, short is better

These are tags for the"hos tos" tags…
We must are these equivalents tags for othersm"section" or the wiki… else, each wiki page will appear e everywhere!!!

Please go to look how works the wiki of contribs.org.

This is the equivalent of the tag of our wiki

It is an old wiki with at least five different versions, sure that you might take some ideas.

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