We must organize the doc


When I put a shortcut of the wiki on my springboard… I’ve got the Dokuwiki favicon.
Not the @apradoc favicon…

It’s a bug, isn’t it?

No it’s a feature

Yes for me.

quick try with http://nethserver.org/dokuwiki and http://mirror.de-labrusse.fr (it is the default favicon) I cannot have a specific icon (it is the default firefox logo) on the desktop shortcut with gnome3 and window7

does other can try ??? I feel a specific apple issue.

Me too :blush:

Probably this issue has the same solution of

The HTML HEAD points to dokuwiki images. Perhaps we can replace them with ours?

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/favicon.ico" />
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/apple-touch-icon.png" />

I have been a little busy lately, but I’m very happy to follow this discussion, I’m proud of you guys! :heart_eyes:

Check this proposal:

  • Anyone can read (any registered user)
  • Just someone can write
    What do you think to ask the approval here? So you can see also the user profile here on Discourse.
    Docs Team members should be able to given the right rights

What about adding editor’s name on the bottom? For example something like:

Also edited by: ctek, jim.

ok, it’s fair

Ok for that, tags are really powerful. Open a new topic about categories we could start from currently howtos to have an overview of big topics.

Of course! I have the right guys! The new team: @medworthy, @Huxy, @Bluelake, @tzar, @Adam, @fasttech
Please, could you check the doc?

The signing issue has been mentioned before. Personally I don’t see any good in having a document on the wiki signed by the author (and co-signed by editors)
We will make it difficult for outselves when we allow signing because in the end we will end up with angry authors that see “their” document edited or co-signed.
In order to prevent “rooster behaviour” (sorry it is a Dutch term, I don’t know if it exists in English :smiley: ) I think it is better to have no signing at all. (history of a doc will tell if you have contributed or not).

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Oh Lord. In no way to I mean any offense, but that page gave me quite a laugh.

This, I believe, will require some collaboration.

Example: the use of padawan in parenthesis before developer… is that deliberate, padawan… as in Jedi apprentice… developer?

So who’s going to set editing permissions?

First example of my thoughts.

from this;

All skills are needed to the NethServer project. You can be a (padawan) developer, a graphist designer, a (futur) poweruser, a simple wiki player, even if you think that you have no linux skills, we will find something to do for you.

The willingness of doing things is what characterizes this community

to this;

The Nethserver project is open to contributors of all skillsets, from wiki editors, power users, graphic designers to developers, even if you think you have no linux skills at all we can find a way for you to help push our project ever forward.

The enthusiasm and participation of our members is what characterizes our community.


For now only admin can validate the approval…easy to understand that we cannot have 30 admin with all rights :smile:

Please register an account…once approved, do the modification you proposed

my ego rang each time I edited a page, never when I created one.

I agree no signature, except on the talk page because you let informations for others with specific content : who, when, what


agreed on that 100%

This confuses me, I have no idea what the intent was with this.

Below you will find all teams which are working hard for the Nethserver community, be part of them.

Check also this document: How can I help NethServer project?

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In my (french) english word, welcome, these are the guys who work, if you feel good, come on :slight_smile:

Fasttech, have a laugh when you see the changes on that part of the document… :smiley:
And yes, as @stephdl says: do join the team and help us out. Looks like you have a ton of good ideas!


this was added by @alefattorini maybe you can pick up Ideas and reuse what is not redundant

The content following doesn’t really correlate. I’ll have to mull it over to see what I can come up with that follows your intent.

I’ve made some tweaks to the content, some of the remaining I’ll have to chew on a bit to see if I can improve it. I’m off for now.

I see your points, so I will twist the question: which documents documents should be written inside the manual and not inside the wiki? Or viceversa? :wink:

This is a good question. I want to remark the original idea behind HowTos.

It is the first step towards the implementation of a new module in NethServer. It starts the discussion about a new feature and helps gathering the requirements that are needed to write down an “issue” on the bugtracker.

So an howto should be created here at first, on community.

Having a wiki to organize howtos, improve them and ease information retrieval is a very good thing, however I still consider them as next steps.

Edit: at the end the main goal is producing an RPM for one-click install, which is not having a good howto :wink: