We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas

produit: AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor
capacité: 3500MHz
configuration: cores=8 enabled cores=8 threads=8
virtualisation instruction : amd-v
size: 7980MiB

produit: 970A-UD3
fabriquant: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

All the time I have 4 virtualbox running machines on a debian 7 wheezy

  • SME Server
  • Centos6 Build Server
  • debian 7 local repositories for development (debian, centos, epel, smeserver, nethserver, mirror.de-labrusse.fr)
  • debian 7 for Jdownloader

After that I need to have more machines running for development, at least one by bug/feature tested or fixed and often I can play with 10 Machines or sometime more…ok you can pause a machine and start another one :frowning:

before that I had an AMD Athlon™ II X4 640 Processor but it was sometime too slow. In fact I don’t have time to waste and I don’t like to wait, therefore I have chosen a powerful (and not expensive) processor.

Actually the X server doesn’t waste time processor when I watch movies mainly because I use VDPAU with a little nvida card (less 30€).

produit: GT218 [GeForce 210]
fabriquant: NVIDIA Corporation

With that processor and the amount of ram, I have a nice sand box. Most of time I use virtualbox by ssh with an export display, but I have also phpvirtualbox if I need to manage quickly virtual machine or across the local network.

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@stephdl, sounds like a healthy set of specifications (I just visited Gigabyte website and had a look at the board details - looks nice!)

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Just had a thought, if you are running Windows/Linux as a desktop/workstation then maybe it would make more sense to have a duel boot workstation (using grub to select between the two OS)

I know it’s a old topic but

I have a concret exemple for @medworthy about if swap is usefull inside a VM

I had a VM was running in & out of memory and because of that was refusing mail from time to time. With SWAP I resolve the issue.

@PParker VirtualBox is nice; use it a lot inside of OpenMediaVault; but you can’t nested, which means doing VM under VM. As an example you can’t make a KVM Host inside a VirtualBox.

Voilà my two cents. :wink:

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I personally switched from virtualbox to proxmox since I reinstalled my server. At first I could think that proxmox is better than VB, but if you look deeply, VB gets some better options like when you clone a VM it is a full clone (mac address is not changed), with proxmox it is not possible, so I use snapshot to go back at the first state. An option could be to make a backup of the VM and restore it, however it needs so LONG time.

The usb catch is better in VB
The wide display of VM is better in VB

The killer features of proxmox are all the VM management (HA, monitoring, VM migration).

In short, if you are a developer, and you don’t have the need to keep a VM working a long time, Virtualbox is nice also.