Waiting for NS 7 final release

Currently using pfsense and ready to upgrade to a UTM. I am hoping NS 7 will be released by end of this year so that I can do the upgrade over the holidays.

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Having just installed an OPNsense perimeter firewall I am toying with the idea of doing a complete re-install of NS 7 when it’s released, as opposed to an upgrade. Has anybody any thoughts on this, or is this being a little to pedantic…

Hi @Bluelake
It all depents on your situation. It’s not completely clear, but I read through the lines that you currently use NS7rc1. In that case I would just do the updates through software center and you end up with a fully functional NS7 server as soon the final is released. (they will have the same repositories)
If you have NS6.8, it might be good to do a fresh install. However, ‘our’ devs will do their best to create a rock solid upgrade path.


Sorry Robb, I didn’t make that too clear…yes i am on 6.8 which makes me feel / think that a fresh install would be a better proposition…I’m also using OwnCloud so the fresh install would be replaced by nextCloud, which seems to be everybody’s favourite just now. Also clear out any rubbish that may well have been left behind by me.

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The RC1 is pretty good already… :slight_smile:

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RC2 maybe the final release i must say, memory usage droped about 30% and all services are up and running!


Happy to read this, your waiting is ending :v:

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