vServer located in Austria?

I would like to install Nethserver on a vServer, the Datacenter should be located in Austria. Any suggestions?

Is Austria an absolute must or is Germany ok too?
If Germany is and option I strongly suggest to go to contabo.de
VERY reasonable prices and options.

Yes, Austria is a must.

Austria might be a challenge to find an affordable VPS provider. What specs do you think you need and what budget? What OS and (obvious, NethServer… :blush: ) what services are you going to host on the VPS?
Care to explain why Austria is a must?

I would like to openvpn into the vServer LAN and be able to chat, voip or videocall just for lets say 25 clients… Independently from all the big players :slight_smile:

I don’t know any providers in Austria, but anyone can search… .:slight_smile:
I found these providers:

If I compare that to contabo, then you pay a lot more (and have less specs).
Keep in mind that for NethServer a minimum of 2GB memory and 12GB diskspace is necessary. More is better.
Have a good look at options like amount of snapshots you can take (if any) I would strongly suggest to choose a provider that allows for at least 1 snapshot so you can revert back quickly when you have to roll back.
If a provider offers upgrades without reinstalling, that would be a great plus.

BTW, I don’t see why a server hosted in Germany couldn’t connect to Austria clients…

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