VPN with L2TP, and client windows

(Vinny) #1

Hello everyone I have a problem with the VPN L2TP, created with the vpn vpn on windows7 PSK preshared created by in connection with the server, and then I can not surf the Internet from the client.

My intention is to achieve the shared folders on nethserver installed on a VPS. VPS server have a single ethernet interface.


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(Vinny) #2

Problem also with the local machine with two network interface, test performed with Android smartphone, just the vpn connects not surf longer the only valid IP address is that of the vpn server in my case

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(Michele Bortolotto) #3

Have you enabled the dns package? If yes, disable it.
have you set a static route roule on your firewall/router, if not enable it

(Vinny) #4

But I do not need the DNS for your local network?
If by “static route” means a port-forwarding on the router already.
The problem, as explained above is that after connecting to the server the client does not sail over the internet.

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