VPN - Android Client Software?

(fpausp) #1

I am looking for a trustful clientsoftware, really open source, for my Android Smartphone, to be able to use VPN-tunnels.

I think wireguard is not yet ready?

Please tell me what Clientsoftware do you use?

(Dan) #2

OpenVPN for Android is open source and has worked well for me.

(Eddie Atherton) #3

I have tested WireGuard from my Android tablet to NS and it appears to work well. But it’s totally a manual setup on the NS side.

Just make sure you get the one released by OpenVPN themselves (which I have also tested with NS) as there are others named “OpenVPN” that are created by other individuals/companies.


(Saito Benkei) #4

OpenVPN fo Android


It can import the configuration files generated by Nethserver flawless

(fpausp) #5

Thank you for your postings… I think the keypoint is can we trust the clientsoftware or not? Is it developed by just one man or a big company with lots of developers…

Functionality is nice but who is Arne Schwabe? Do you know what I mean?


(Saito Benkei) #6

This is the web site


And here there’s the source code

This is the Official OpenVPN for Android client made by OpenVPN


(fpausp) #7

OK, thank you… OpenVPN - both are developed by OpenVPN, Inc.