Vlans-Objects like on Zentyal

Hi, as of now I’m using Zentyal but want to migrate to NethServer, as it feels more robust. I’ve it installed already on a test server but don’t know how to create VLANs and, like on Zentyal, create the objects to be used later to create the access rules.

Hola Christian y saludos desde Alemania a Ecuador.

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I’ve translated your question to english so more people will be able to help. :slight_smile:

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Hello…Guten Tag…

I have Zentyal server in my work, and I want to migrate to NethServer.

I have one server with nethserver in proof, I want to now were I configurate the objets, were I configurate the vlans like the Zentyal.


Hi Christian, welcome again :slight_smile:
I don’t know Zentyal very well but you should take a look at our manual:
Hope it helps

Hello Alession…

In what place I put the port 3128 for the proxy, for the vlans.