Vlan - DHCP don´t work

Look the port that is conect to the server is port 23 or 24; port 1 is only for managment of the switch… did you have skype.?

I mean port one on server - ens1 should be connected to tagged port 24 on switch on witch You have pvid 50, this means every untagged traffic will be tagged as it arrives to port 24 on switch. Skype is not good for community as they maybe will have such problem in the future. :wink:

Sorry but I don´t understand to much english… I´comfuse…

I don´t understand… why the GW addres change, and the IP adrres don´t change still the same if you conect vlan10-20-30-40… only the gateway chace… but not the IP add. Why is thaht… sorry if I make you angry…

Try to make as i pointed above posts, it should work.
port24 tagged trunk vlans 10 to 50 (tagged)
port 1 vlan10 (untagged)
port 2 vlan20 (untagged)

port 5 vlan50(untagged)
after that if you switch between ports 1-5 everything should work.

I do what you said my friend… but the same only change the GW… but the IP Addres don´t… I guess the problem is in the configuration of the NS… wich are the steps to create vlans in the NS…? I send you how I have in the NS. I have to do anymore…?

I see the same screen shots as before without any changes, and no word about changes on switch. What did You do as You say "I do what you said my friend…"
Not the Nethserver is a problem, the SWITCH IS.


I guess that @davide_marini @paolo @jgjimenezs could help you on this

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We are already checking, the configuration in nethserver is fine. Possibly be on the switch

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Thanks a lot for helping me Jose… now the vlans are workin 100%:grin: