Virtual Images of Nethserver

Much people work with Nethserver at virtual machines.
@dev_team What do you think about creating VMs with Vagrant for the famous virtualization platforms and put them on the Nethserver download page?

Hi @m.traeumner, we are currently working on it and we already have a first version of Vagrant box for Virtualbox provides :slight_smile: .

You can find the box here:
The box is created using, ansible and a nethsever’s iso image as base.
The instructions and code for create the box can be find in this repository:
Any pull request for add new vagrant provider or fix/improvements are very welcome! :wink:


Hi @Amygos,
thanks for your fast reply.
I’m excited of more opinions and proposals which versions are useful.
In my opinion we also need kvm/qemu (we have a lot of Proxmox user here).


I have just uploaded the libvirt version of nethserver vagrant box:

$ vagrant init nethserver/7
$ vagrant up --provider libvirt

instruction for install and use vagrant-libvirt plugin:


If it can be useful to anyone I’ve created the vagrant machine for:

  • NethServer VoIP PBX
  • Nextcloud

I’ve created them only for development purpose, so they are already configured.

NethServer VoIP PBX is configured to have 6 PJSIP extensions ready to use.
Nextcloud machine already contains 3 users: admin, user1 and user2 (LDAP account provider).

Here all the details:


I have mine here, based on libvirt. All the work is done by hand, when I feel that I need a new box version I rebuild it from scratch. Of course, it is much like a NethServer just installed from iso image.
You may find them here:

Also based on the 6.x version for virtualbox (not yet updated):


Cool guys! Thanks for that.
I think a list of all available images would be fine.
@alefattorini What do you think about a list at a wiki article, where everybody can edit it and puts his link in? Also a link to the wiki article at the nethserver download side would be fine.