Virtual Host not reachable

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Webserver

Hi to all,
I’ve setup a new nethserver only for internal webserver application. I’ve installed the webserver module stephdl’s PHP and Maria DB.
I configured the vhost as at the picture

The server should only be used in an internal net, I configured no red card only a green one.
DNS Alias was set automatically.
For testing I’ve also copied a index.html to


My client has the nethserver as DNS and gateway.

Now my problem is that I can ping MySiteName but don’t know how to reach it by webbrowser.
Can somebody help?

What do you get when you browse from a client to

To check if the vhost is active, just execute httpd -S

Maybe it’s a permission problem of the index.html file.


Hi Markus,
thanks for your answer. I’ve found the error and it’s so stupid :blush:
Firefox and IE tried to load the site from cache, because this address is also online and I opened it much times before.
I cleared the cache and everything is fine now.
At next step I try to activate the joomla site with the right index.php.