Virtual host config for SOGo

I’d like to make SOGo sync its Address Book with Apple’s Contacts app. The SOGo documents say I need to “add a new virtual host in your Apache configuration file”.

Its ages since I messed with config files. Please give me a clus as to where to find the correct file and if I just need to copy and paste the example give on the SOGo page.

Many thanks!

Hi David,

Did you try to connect to carddav over straight forward https? (TCP 443)

do not have apple equipment myself, but according to this it looks like it is possible

Manage and delete contacts on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

special attention to 3 …tap Other to set up a contacts account, like an LDAP or CardDAV account

Thanks @mark_nl I

I was about to tell you I am able to connect but only in one direction. But suddenly it seems to be working. I think there is a delay in Apple’s Contacts app picking up the changes from the server. The Calendar app seems much better, I’ve had that working already.

I need to look and see how to refresh the app. There are options to fetch automatically or a so many minute intervals.

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Nice to read you get sorted out!

To help others can you if you succeed give us a short recap how you achieved it and mark it solved?
(if so could you change the topic to something something recognizable for others leading to your solution)
Thanx in advance

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OK seems I don’t need a virtual host entry in my Apache config to do what I need. It started working! If I’m trusted enough I’ll write a How To to explain how I got SOGo talking to my Mac and iOS devices.

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