Using Neth as email server

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: Email, SOGo
I am new to Neth, have a server setup, joined a Windows AD and can see the windows accounts. I installed the Email and SOGo applications.
How to make Outlook 2010 to connect to Neth, I read about cannot connect as Exchange server, but I have no luck with IMAPS and POP3 as well. Aren’t these methods suppose to work ?


IMAP works, try the following settings

IMAP: FQDN of Mailserver SSL Port 993
SMTP: FQDN of Mailserver SSL Port 465
User: name without @domain

Don’t forgot to import the certificate of your server. Best way is to open your server in Internet Explorer and safe the certificate as root certificate.

Does Windows require certificate import even if the server is using a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate?

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As far as i can remember, for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP no. But there should be a “smart enough” DNS or port forwarding to address the FDQN to the local IP.


No, only if you use a self signed certificate.

Oh yes, I forgot that.

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Do you have experience with SOGo can’t authenticate AD user? My network include 2016 server DC, NethServer as domain member, i login domain with win10 and the Mail app can send/receive but SOGo can’t authenticate user. I read somewhere that SOGo use LDAP so i need to configure LDAP to talk with Samba ?

I think you can use AD. Please have a look at the following link:

I use local AD at nethserver, this works like a charm with sogo.

Dont’ forget to forward all the ports needed for Let’sEncrypt…

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