Using a separate Domain for Webtop, while maintaining the default hostname for email and Ldap on Sogo

NethServer Version: Current Version
Module: Webtop5

I have been using nethserver together with Sogo webmail. The same is also used to handle my Ldap setting.

The domain I am using for emails, as well as ldap account usernames is domaina.tld

I would like to add another domain to the same setup, which is domain.tld which Iwant to use webtop5 on that domain, and the corresponding email addresses.

Currently, as per my testing, the users of user@domainA.tld can login to webtop with the same email, yet I want Webtop to only handle domain.tld
can anyone help on how to achieve this setup

Anyone from @webtop_team has suggestions?

Hi @oneitonitram,
if I understand your request correctly, you simply need to change all the default email addresses of WebTop users.

[root@server ~]# su - postgres -c "psql webtop5"
psql (9.2.23)
Type “help” for help.

webtop5=#  UPDATE "core"."users_info" SET "email"=user_id||'@domain.tld' WHERE "domain_id"='NethServer' AND user_id not in ('admin');

To activate recommend a restart of tomcat:

systemctl restart tomcat@webtop

All email addresses will be set up with user_id@domain.tld excluding admin

Take this opportunity to anticipate that we are working on the next release of WebTop and among the many new features there will also be the possibility to make this bulk change via the admin interface.

Here a preview screenshot:


I’m not sure this is what @oneitonitram is looking for.
Looks like you want to mange an additional domain and use it in WebTop, instead of the one you use in sogo.
If this is the case, 1st you must be sure to be able to configure two different domains on the same server (multitenant) or two different domains on different servers, managing ldap/imap/smtp for the two domains.
Once this is done, you can enter the admin panel of WebTop and create a new WebTop domain: here you can set it up on the new ldap domain, giving the required authentication parameters.
If the ldap setup is correct, you should be able to open the domain and see the users.
The users can be enabled in WebTop from here.

Hope this helps.




Yes, @gabriele_bulfon I am trying to add another domain for use with webtop. so that the default
I have tried the method you have mentioned of addind another domain on nethserver. But the challenge I am currently facing is that. I can not use the same username for email, despite the fact that
Webtop asks for the domain to use in the login page.

The error I am facing, is just while adding the user. it says there is a duplicate, yet I am trying to use another domain. but with the same name.

if I have, I can not add but on the login page, it shows me to chose a domain. Though I can setup

I suspect the original problem is not on WebTop but on the ldap server.
I don’t think NethServer is capable of managing multiple domains, maybe aliases, but in this case you cannot have two same names, because they’re actually the same.

First, be sure that your server can manage multiple domains, both for ldap and imap/smtp.

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I have always deployed multiple domains on saem server without a problem. But I have been making use of zimbra. I want to shift away from Zimbra because the community edtion is very poor in handling Spam mails. we receive an average of 100 Spam emails per Day. and the server no matter what I do, does not detect that.

I am not sure Nethserver can support 2 Ldap accounts on the same server. Unless there is a hack or a way. That will be cool.
Using an alias may not be the best case, because the different domains are used for different things.

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Hi @oneitonitram,
I confirm that Nethserver is a single-company and multi-domain system only as a mail server.
The user authentication domain can only be one.

For this reason I misinterpreted your initial request, forgive me :blush:

I wish i was able to configure multiple domains emails, etc.

This has not been possible for me. as the main ldap domain fo mails in company also for mails

Hi @oneitonitram,
you can easily manage additional mail alias domains :wink:

Find information on the manual from here:

They also talked about it in this thread:

The discussion mentioned in the thread, does not exactly fit in my ideal need.
It was mostly regading forwarding or setting up aliases.
you see the way someone setups a new email for a main domain, I need if its possible to do that for multiple domains too.

probably even add a unction that, I chose nethserver as the ldap provider, and then link an email to a ldap user. so as to allow multiple domins for email.

As said earlier on this thread: “I confirm that Nethserver is a single-company and multi-domain system only”.
We deliver what you’re looking for on our WebTop 5 Collaboration Cloud, but it’s on a completely different architecture, and it’s not free :slight_smile: