Users unable to write on Shared Folder

Dear Support,

we cannot write on shared folder created.
On the log messages I found this error “sssd[be[]]: Warning: user would have been denied GPO-based logon access if the ad_gpo_access_control option were set to enforcing mode”

I can browse the folder but cannot write.

Could help me please?


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Did you enable write support?

Did you select some special access under the ACLs tab?

Please have a look also at this thread:

I suspect we’ve found a bug on Shared folders, please help us to investigate it! /cc @quality_team

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Yes Davide,

I think that a bug 'cos the ACLs not work.

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Could you describe your configuration? How can I reproduce the problem?

Create a Folder and flag Allow write permission to owning group. In the ACL insert an additional group.
The additional group is present on the FS ACL by the command getfacl /folder but the users of this group are unable to write.



Thank you @Mario_Lanno,

your support request is now a bug report …and you’re actively contributing to NethServer! :heart_eyes:

The bug is now tracked on

The fix is available from nethserver-testing repository /cc @quality_team :

yum localinstall
signal-event ibay-modify youribayname
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