User's home directory - how to hide in Windows Explorer?

When connected to nethserver from Windows Explorer initially shared folders are visible only. After entering the login/password the user’s home directory becomes visible too. Can I hide it?

each user should see only his own home dir…

do you see anything different?
how are you connecting? using which user?

in any case, UserA, even if can see UserB’s home, can’t open/write in it… if not, it’s a BIG bug

I’m connecting from Windows Explorer:

Each user can see only his own home dir. No bugs here. But i don’t want this.
I have created a shared folder.
I created a user and gave him the rights to this folder.
I don’t want him to see any other folders, even his home dir.

you need a custom fragment for smb.conf

just be aware that even if invisible, a home dir can always be used and mounted


Alk don’t want to “show” but want to “hide” the homeuser directory…

@alk, did you look at a script connection batch to run at theuser login time?
You map a U: on the /home/userdirectory like this, the user don’t need to browse the network ! :smiley:

Thinking about the situation… Is the /home is alraedy share?
Remove this share.
And do a hidden share (adding $) for each homeuser directory.

You can play with the %username% variable to do the connection script.

Where can i read about custom fragment for smb.conf?
How smb.conf is built?