Users Active Directory on GUI of NethServer

(Eduardo Jonck) #1

I joined the NethServer in Active Directory and can view users and groups by the command wbinfo wbinfo -u -g , but NethServer the web interface does not appear, it is right?

NethServer code on Github?
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(Giacomo Sanchietti) #2

Yes it’s right, there is really minimum integration at UI level.
We have plans to show AD users inside the UI but for now is only an idea.

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

People asked that a lot of times, we have to show them somehow even just in read-only mode /cc @davidep :grin:

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #4

Be my guest, the code is on Github :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

I moved 4 posts to a new topic: NethServer code on Github?

(Eduardo Jonck) #6

I checked the link that has several modules which are specific for this feature?

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #7

All of them :smiley:

To add such a feature you need to integrate (at least) into:

  • nethserver-base (pam, e-smith db)
  • nethserver-lib
  • nethserver-directory
  • nethserver-mail-server

And probably you need something more like specific configurations for sssd.

Before starting you need to do a very big analysis, and this is why we still don’t have this feature :wink:

(Alessio Fattorini) #8

Can we do this analysis? How much time? How can we address this issue?
From my point of view not seeing AD users/group anywhere on NethServer webui is really confusing for the end user
who can’t get if AD join is working properly or not.
@filippo_carletti @davidep what’s your opinion?

(Davide Principi) #9

I’ve been thinking about it and started some experiments. I’ll share my thoughts if I come to a conclusion!

I agree it’s a must-have.

(Isidro S. Lim) #10

must watch this topic