Users Active Directory on GUI of NethServer

I joined the NethServer in Active Directory and can view users and groups by the command wbinfo wbinfo -u -g , but NethServer the web interface does not appear, it is right?


Yes it’s right, there is really minimum integration at UI level.
We have plans to show AD users inside the UI but for now is only an idea.


People asked that a lot of times, we have to show them somehow even just in read-only mode /cc @davidep :grin:

Be my guest, the code is on Github :stuck_out_tongue:

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I checked the link that has several modules which are specific for this feature?

All of them :smiley:

To add such a feature you need to integrate (at least) into:

  • nethserver-base (pam, e-smith db)
  • nethserver-lib
  • nethserver-directory
  • nethserver-mail-server

And probably you need something more like specific configurations for sssd.

Before starting you need to do a very big analysis, and this is why we still don’t have this feature :wink:


Can we do this analysis? How much time? How can we address this issue?
From my point of view not seeing AD users/group anywhere on NethServer webui is really confusing for the end user
who can’t get if AD join is working properly or not.
@filippo_carletti @davidep what’s your opinion?

I’ve been thinking about it and started some experiments. I’ll share my thoughts if I come to a conclusion!

I agree it’s a must-have.

must watch this topic

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