UserPrincipalName filled differently

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: Users and Groups

Hi, I set up a nethserver environment a few days ago. Initially the eMail of my users were populated with xxx@ad.mydomain.tld. I found this especially annoying for SoGo. After a clean new installation, this was not a problem anymore. I do not really remember, but I supposed some kind of “order of module installation”. However this was not a problem anymore.

Starting from today I created a new user, the UserPrincipalName in SoGo was again “xxx@ad.mydomain.tld”. I counterchecked this wis ldapAdmin and I found two different population types for my users
Old user users have user@mydomain.tld
new users have user@ad.mydomain.tld

Some things I did / remember:
I also had some trouble on SoGo and Madsonic, so I removed both modules and reinstalled them. The Madsonic problem is solved, I will write a second support request on my SoGo issue. I created / removed a mail domain and / or vitual hosts. I was also changing ActiveSync between Webtop and Sogo. and Today there were some updates

Does any has an Idea on strange behaviour? This is espcially a little annoying as I do need the UserPrincipalName field for some services on my network which does not behave differntly depending on the user.

Thanks and best regards

One more detail:

during first installation, User creation ended with an Error Exit code. I did not remember to have that on the second installtion, however this error came back today.

Sogo gets it’s maildomain from the domainname part of the server name:

config show DomainName

You may edit the ldap fields with phpldapadmin in kamikaze mode.

Yes, got hat, thank you, but why did behavior change? It worked as expected for some days. Also I do not want that behaviour, is there any option to change without to alter each user individually?

-> Correctly, so I do not get why it picks up up

I checked my servers and a fresh install and could not reproduce the issue. I don’t have the ad in the mail address.

Please check your sogo.conf:

[root@testserver ~]# cat /etc/sogo/sogo.conf | grep -i maildomain
    SOGoMailDomain = "domain.local";

but maybe there is a fundamental missunderstanding on my end:
I set up Nethserver as servername.mydomain.tld
I set up AD with ad.mydomain.tld
Now I expect my users to have the email user_01@mydomain.tld

is this wrong???


Result: SOGoMailDomain = “”;
(as expected)

If you create a new user, do you see the “ad” next to the username field?


Clarified for unknown reason