User and Groups Module

(Kristian Malvander) #1

It just hit me when I installed a fresh Nethserver that i was missing the user and groups module. When you read the documentation I couldn’t find any reference what module should be installed to get the User and Groups management option visible in the dashboard.

Would it not be a good idea to link the correct module to the section that correspond to the information in the installation documentation?

(Davide Principi) #2

The user and group module is a dependency of other modules such as File Server or Mail Server.

Do you think it is useful on its own?

(Kristian Malvander) #3

You are completely right and I knew that it would appear if install the file server for example (I had to think about for a moment so it wasn’t crystal clear for me). So for a newcomer this could make sense to know what modules to install to get the right set of features and that those are linked to the correct chapter in the documentation?

Not sure but I think it would, especially if you install a FW/GW/VPN server? You use it for maintaining user who logs on to the dashboard as well or am I wrong? If that’s the case then it would make sense to separate it?

(Michele Bortolotto) #4

@davidep yes from my point of view it must be installed by default , i would split dhcp from dns package and organize translation ones into a single section(now it’s a mess)

(Kristian Malvander) #5

I would say it would be easier to work with the bundled modules if we would work out of scenarios how the server could be used?

For example standalone Gateway server what modules should be installed and does it make sense how the modules are bundled.

(Davide Principi) #6

A link to an external document is possible but I’m not sure it would simplfy the Software Center. Moreover the external document must be maintained and I don’t like this kind of overhead.

I like the scenarios idea. We could then define a new Software Center category: “NethServer spins/roles”. It could ease the modules selection for newcomers.

Edit: it could also become the default/first category, in place of Everything, that is a mess - as @absynth said!

(Kristian Malvander) #7

I didn’t mean a physical link from the software center, instead on the online installation documentation there could be a little note that User&Group is part of the File module so you know that this is the module to install if you need it.