Use smart host from another server

I have sometime ago install smart host and got it to work with my nethserver and everything works fine.
Now I have two other nethserver that I like to send log tru smart host on my first nethserver but not sure what to do :slight_smile:

It was sometime ago I did do the setup so I maybe have done something to block to use smart host external.
In netsherver 2 I have enable smart host and enter hostname (ip address to the other nethserver), port, username, password.
But when I try to send a test mail I get a red x and nothing more.

In the log I just see
pam_listfile(cockpit:auth): Refused user root for service cockpit

I think it have to be shorewall firewall that block it, trying to see how I can make a rule or something.

For smarthost access over the internet just use the same settings as for a smartphone / notebook:

TLS, Port 587 and a user like smtp_clientname…

I have this working…

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Hmm ok.
I just want to send log of my backup so I know everything is ok.

Consider smarthost … as the “email client” of a non-email-server NethServer installation.
Therefor, I don’t think that it can be “borrowed” to other servers.

Even though there’s a VPN between both sites, this NethServer sends it’s system reports to another NethServer over the Internet…

My 2 cents

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ohh I did not even know that was possible to do that.
works greate, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @cazz

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My 2 cents

Yes I did just try a little and it works like I want it to do :smiley:

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