Use nethserver as proxypass

Right now I have one nethserver that run nextcloud and one that run my mailserver.
I also have a ubuntu server that run Apache2 and PHP 7.2 and have two domain connect to it.

I’m not sure if nethserver is the best to use that I going to try or I maybe use ubuntu server that I have some idea how it works.
But my idea is this
I want to make proxypass server that handle all my 80/443 connection from outside to my servers (running vmware) and send it to the right server. Nothing else (or is that any more good idea it can use to help my webservers I have) just forward the traffic to the right server.

Why I want to do this is because if I have done something wrong or try something that does not work right with my ubuntu server and it goes down then no traffice can do to my others servers and that is not so good. I know I can use my router to do this but is more fun to see if I can use nethserver or ubuntu server to do this task.
It have happend that I have code something wrong and my ubuntu server stop working and that make my other servers go offline because my ubuntu server now run all traffic thru that server.

Apache reverseproxy setup is really simple with Nethserver, you just need to install the Web server from Software Center.

Browse to https://<YOUR_NETHSERVER>:9090/nethserver#/applications/nethserver-httpd

Just create the reverse proxies you need in the web UI:

Example of 2 configured reverse proxies:



Thanks it was easy and works very nice.
Is not importen but I wonder if I can use this system to monitor the traffic.

Yes, that’s possible.
There is ntopg for bandwidth monitoring and maybe you are interested in awstats to analyze the logfiles of your websites.