Use NethServer as an ANTISPAM/AntiVirus gateway to MS Exchange?

How about setting NethServer up as an ANTISPAM/AntiVirus gateway to MS Exchange?
This would be a very popular use for small to medium low budget organizations
already on Exchange but looking for a lowcost ANTISPAM/AntiVirus gateway.

This is a common usage scenario. Maybe I need to write a step-by-setp howto.

This is a very common scenario in the real world.
NethServer is a good solution:

  • lowcost because is free software is fast to learn and deploy
  • flexible becasue is easy to manage and modify
  • highly scalable because can start such as an ANTISPAM/Antivirus gateway to MS Exchange
    (as well as any other mail server eg. Zimbra, Maildaemon etc.) and gradually replace
    the rear mail server
  • well supported with a very active community
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Uh! This is a fantastic description! You have a lot of idea about it, good…
Do you want try to write down something? So we can start from that.

Following Alessio’s request I have tried to write something in Google Docs.
Feel free to modify or add what you want everybody who got the link below
can comment and/or modify.

Here the link:

Hope this could be useful.

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Uh great contributions today! Great work @sitz :wink:
Anyone would help him commenting the doc?

Thanks @alefattorini :blush:

From my point of view, it really rocks! I’m curious about @filippo_carletti’s opinion /cc @davidep

@sitz do you want try to move it on discourse? You can learn table sintax here:
Feel free to ask for help

WOW! Really impressive, @sitz.
I added some comments and some minor corrections.

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Thank you all @alefattorini @filippo_carletti @davidep for all your appreciations and corrections.

Yes @alefattorini I want to try, I’m going to take a look at the link you posted then I will tell you if I need help.

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Good, looking forward to seeing your howto published :yum:

Ehi @sitz do you have put it anywhere? :smiley:

Not yet @alefattorini sorry :weary:
Give me a couple of days.

Hi is this still viable? It’s exactly what I want to do.

You can use Nethserver whether as a network gateway (firewall with 2 or more NICs) or a standalone server.

First thing: check that port 25 from your router is forwarded to Nethserver IP and that MX record of your public domain points to the public IP of your router.

In dashboard: “email” -> tab “Domains” -> create the domain (“create new” button) or select the domain you want forward (“edit” button) -> tick “Relay to another server” then put the address of your Exchange/Mail server in the box that appears under

In Nethserver 7.5 there’s a problem that you can’t forward the domain of the emails corresponding to the domain with which the Nethserver is configured.

So, if your Nethserver’s name is mygateway.domain.tld, you cannot forward mails for @domain.tld to your Exchange/Mailserver.

If you have the absolute need to forward the domain @domain.tld you have 2 possibilities:

  1. If this does not cause problems to other services provided by Nethserver, change the name of the Nethserver in something neutral: for istance: mygateway.local.lan


  1. Use these commands:
    db domains setprop domain.tld TransportType Relay RelayHost IPOfYourExchangeMailServer
    signal-event domain-modify domain.tld

Now my problem is that email is not on the menu. I tried installing rspamd which got me nethserver-mai2l-server and now when I install email I get mail2 server but no menu.

Got it had to get the right mail-server-common installed