USB device not reconiced

I connected the UPS on the USB port and looked for it with lsusb but it doesn’t show up. I unconnected it and looked with lsusb again if I can see any change but nothing changed.

Before I connected the UPS with the server it was connected with a Windows computer and worked fine.

What can I do?

First of all, starting from

there are many apliances that work fine with windows and don’t work with linux… you’d ask their manufacturers why… :wink:

login as root in a CLI console, ups disconnected

give the command:

tail -f /var/log/messages

plug in the usb cable and see what happens… and paste here the lines

finally, a suggestion: before buying anything you what to use with/on your linux/NS server, check it’s supported… maybe it will cost you some bucks more, but your life will be easier

@zamboni The UPS comes with an Linux software and should run.

I did install the rpm package and I can open the GUI via the browser. The scan can’t find the UPS. I started to search how I can find out which device is connected on a USP port and the results I posted.

In the mean time I tested the connection via RS232, which the UPS and the server has as well, and it works.
But I will know why it doesn’t work and how I can solve this problem. for the next time I have it.

I will write the result of the command maybe tomorrow. At the moment I am not at home.

of course it should work, no doubts about it

well, you didn’t post anything, only a “doesn’t work” sentence…
if you need help, help us to help you, so “it doesn’t work” doesn’t help us

logs are your best friend (another one is a good backup); if something isn’t working as expected, the first thing to do is take a look at logs

good to know it

that’s a good approach, indeed