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Thanks but it’s not exactly the same as the triple backticks does syntax highlighting by default. I’ve gone away from code blocks which did the same because the syntax highlighting was more confusing than helpful in some cases.
My problem is that already existing howtos have missing line breaks now. I just want to know if the old behaviour could be reactivated or if I have to go through my howtos and change the backticks. I even don’t know if I am the only one who used single backtick preformatted text with line breaks.

Here you can see examples of missing line breaks (database creation, yum install etc):

To disable it I use

my $var = 2


my $var = 2
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Thanks @davidep, so it looks like I have to fix my howtos?

The single backtick is for monospace font. The triple backtick is for preformatted text: I understand they are mapped by Markdown to the corresponding CODE and PRE HTML tags (or at least to something equivalent)…

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OK, so I may have used the single backticks in a wrong way but it worked. Now I have to use the triple backticks instead of the single backticks. Thanks for clarifying!

We could ask @alefattorini to add a custom CSS rule!

It depends on what’s the right behaviour and on how many texts are wrong now. I usually like to go as default as possible to avoid hard to find errors because of customizing.

And does it make sense to ignore wished line breaks?

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