Upgrade of nethserver-php-scl to support php71

I have on my todo list to push the support of php71 to ns6. Because the first repository I used was a custom one of remi, I disabled it in yum. With the coming of php71 yum will complaint because it is not enabled.

You should do a yum upgrade on my repository (which is enabled by default) to upgrade the rpm nethserver-remi-phpscl, it will set the remi-safe repository and my upgrade will be silent…quiet I hope.

By the way a great man (daniel bertaud) gave me a good Idea, I’m working to set the settings of php directly by vhost, even if I use the php-fpm (one pool per vhost with a unix socket). For compatibility reason, I will let the support of php-fpm with tcp ports


I think it’s a good idea, everybody always want the latest’s PHP release :slight_smile:

PS. I saw your thread with Daniel con SME mailing list, we should bring Daniel here to evil side! :stuck_out_tongue:

On ns7

yum install http://mirror.de-labrusse.fr/NethDev/nethserver-php-scl/nethserver-php-scl-1.1.1-1.ns7.sdl.x86_64.rpm

what it doesn’t change
tcp ports for php-fpm : 9056,9070,9071
php-mod stil available if you want to load a new version of php for the whole server

what it does change

php-fpm starts a new pool for a vhost. In this pool you can set specific (only for this pool) settings of php

the upgrade should be smooth…to verify if it is good, drop a phpinfo in the virtualhost an call it…or
echo '<?php phpinfo(); ?>' > /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/plop.com/info.php

Please test and report

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Good shot!