Update to 7.5 problem(s)?

Are you suggesting that you tried to update to 7.5 on a production server? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The 7.5 tests are at a stage that they only should be done to see what problems you encounter and how they can be solved to develop NS 7.5
Trying this on production server (especially bare metal) is a BAD idea.

OK, thank you…

Thats what I said/mean…

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I just tried running pending updates (yum-cron notified me today) and firewall and DPI modules broke. Leaving me without no internet, I did some screen-shots and a after a quick restore (Thank you Proxmox and ZFS) I’m was able to connect back into the forum. Here are the screen-shots:

This one is after rebooting

This one is the output shown when clicking Check firewall rules

I understand that this updates come from Centos 7.5 and there are packages that are not compatible with NS7.4, is there a way to avoid having this updates in the meantime?

Hi guys,

The same issue here
Firewall can be resolved by expanding template but DPI not loading at all

we have some discussion before
so when you are providing an update through official channel and all your user do it for you this is an test update?

Nethserver is great peace of software but you should be more careful when you try to be mature distribution
test more do less pain for the users

I’m tired with your updates issues that someone forgot about expand template , etc

An updated DPI module can be found here:

Thanks Markuz,

I’m just bothering about the alfa/developing process
Should this be done more careful?
Will give it a go tonight on my vm if no silly problems the will give it a go with on line box

Thank you so be helpful and not advert This is my concern . You guys planing to go commercial? If so i need to know because so many clients i was recommended

There’s a warning in Software Center about new centos releases so you may wait with the updates until everything is working. Additionally you have the possibility of a subscription that provides stable updates so you can just autoupdate and will get a stable system. I don’t know what happened to you, maybe yum-cron autoupdated to the new centos.

No. Nethesis is a company and provides the free open source NethServer. Nothing changes in Nethserver except of a new dashboard module. The subscription should be a possibility for companies and other supporters and provides stable updates/monitoring/support, check it out:



Hello @mrmarkuz, so for the moment every NS7.4 box should put a hold on updates, how can we know when it’s safe to update, also, this is to every NS7.4 user reading this. An network admin should read and pay careful attention to updates, read the change-logs (yum update --changelog) and so on, moreover, it’s good practice to do a full backup of NS VM before doing upgrades.

I have yum-cron installed on all my NS7 KSM, and after get notified with this massive update, first thing I did was do backup, create a zfs snapshot and then upgrade, after that I ran need-restarting, rebooted, did journalctl -p 3 to watch for errors, and open the NS Dashboard. After seeing that firewall was down I disable external NIC and start it to look for problems, after that I did a KVM restore and went here to report.

@zimny remember that this is a community project free of charge. If you want to avoid this kind of problem why don’t you pay a subscription.


It will be announced and a Nethserver 7.5 final ISO will be released AFAIK. I am actually testing the alpha release…


Come to think about it, this could be a problem, should new users try to install NS7 and then hit upgrade from the Software Center, wouldn’t they ended up having problems, this could prove troublesome, any ideas?


Get a #subscription? One month of free trial is enough until 7.5 final is out… :hugs:

…or deploy a private Dartagnan instance:

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@davidep I was referring to new users, imagine a new user download NS7.4 ISO, install it and do an upgrade, they first impression would be a broken NS7.


Yes you’re right it can look bad, but…

A similar reasoning during the NethServer conference in September led to what today we call #subscription, that is a paid service.

The CentOS project does not make distinctions between 7.4 and 7.5. They ship just “7”. We know CentOS is really stable (and free) but during minor releases they make some changes and we need to fix something by our side.

Our community develops and tests carefully the updates for free. Our community gives back a great support for free. I’d suggest to anyone who downloads and installs NethServer to sign on this forum and ask for any doubt, get involved, and become a true NethServerian!

So there are multiple ways to run NethServer reliably. In the end I want to remark the issues reported so far affect only the NDPI module and some package dependencies: I’m sure they’ll be fixed soon.


You got me there, lucky for me I got to see how was NS7 way after 7.4 release was done. I’m doing my best to finish pending task at work, so I can find some time to get involved into this amazing project that is NS.


Hi guys

Yes I know and recognise this project still like an open source.
So performance and quality don’t count any more?
I’m arguing about this update because this have been done “like a child in snow box”.
Mess, after mess, after mess.
Is this proper update (cron or not) process for you?
Or like I have my conclusions - you are going commercial and community ver will be not updated so often.
I love this project and already convent a lot of my customers to it but if you will update that way that all of them are going offline with the nethserver futures … don’t think so I will use this project any more.
thanks for your info you really believe that i don’t know that?

And you know gays I’m so upset … a lot of open source projects died after trying the market … this is the way how they developed … some restrictions in OS on the beginning , subscriptions, etc -> the idea is going commercial I have differ approach why don’t have pro open source project and still charge for commercial use? the license can be provided will be happy for the all … open source support license … if someone is a ware about the MS with all the aspects this license is not a problem at all … to be honest if you get the proper price then don’t worry about MS, finally users will move to you. Be smart, definitely not unprofessional

Speaking for myself, I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

Take a shower or something, how `I can help you on this forum?

Just had the same issue upgrading to 7.5. DPI was working in kernel 3.10.0-693.21.1.el7.x86_64 but failed after the update to kernel 3.10.0-862.2.3.el7.x86_64 with the message “Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) module is not available” removing and reinstalling DPI did not work. Reset to the 693 kernel did work.
Also had to remove Nut in the cli to get freeipmi to install.
This is a new (not yet in production) server with Proxmox and NS7 as VM. On another running server it does not see that kernel update. Has it been pulled for the time being?