Univention configuration

Hi Team,

I have a query…!! I was requested to configure Univention server (UCS) server for about 70+employess who are using ubuntu and windows. Motive behind this is like to configure and monitor the servers and doing patching activities and administration too. I am totally new to this. can someone help me this below.

  1. Can we use UCS for administration and for CDE purpose



NethServer can do this, afaik so can Univention Server UCS.
But this happens to be the NethServer Forum, not the Univention Server Forum.

If you have questions about Univention UCS, it might be a better idea to ask there…

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You do realize that Nethserver is a different product , right ?

If you need support with installing Nethserver or have a question about Nethserver then feel free to ask.
I am sure the great community here will help you.

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