Unable to get roundcube installed

Well, I was able to install just fine, into a VirtualBox instance. With a bit of searching, was also able to install the guest additions.

So far, I’m impressed! If it also allows access to those 4.5 MB of postfix mail on an unbootable server, I’ll be delighted, too.

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Unable to get roundcube installed, as I can’t find it in Software Center. Have twice installed Internet Applications, but still no roundcube. I’m running out of place to look!

Look at “Email” module; nethserver-roundcubemail is an optional package of it

Ehi Tom, thanks for your comment and welcome in the family :grin:
Please, would you mind to share with us a more detailed feedback replying to this post?

Your quick responses are appreciated!
I’ve installed nethserver-roundcube mail via yum (hope that was OK) which installed 28 new pkgs and upgraded 5. Than I was able to log into webmail as the user I had created! Sent myself a test email from there, but have yet to receive it.

Meanwhile, the point of this whole exercise was to allow a client to read the 4.5 GB of email from the Zentyal 3.2 server that developed segfaults, for unknown reason (in an instance of virtualbox). Ethernet even stopped working, though the interface is properly configured. When moving the contents of /var/vmail/domainname/* to a fresh copy of Zentyal 3.5, configured for same virtual domain, the old mail was invisible. That seems to be due to the use of ldap, which I haven’t a clue how to migrate, if it is even possible. Yet I think ldap is only used as an optional feature. So, I’ve been searching for a distro using postfix without ldap, thinking then the emails would be accessible again.

The NethServer postfix does not use /var/vmail, and I’m still searching for the place where old emails could be untarred.

Hi @TomTerrific

  1. there is a tool “phpldapadmin” , where you could export and import users and passwords phpLDAPadmin HowTo
  2. Mailbox dir is located in /var/lib/nethserver/vmail you could simply copy all mails from Zentyal and paste it there , chown -R vmail:vmail all copied mails.

Do not hesitate to pm me even in skype nassir_911, i’ll try to help and then we could try to write Migration doc from Zentyal to Nethserver.
It would be awsome expirience!

Well well well. Things are looking up! I was able to take a small user’s emails and untar them in a suitable place (while postfix was stopped), and when I started postfix again, logging into webmail showed the emails!

I’m currently untarring the 4.5 GB of the main user’s mailbox. I’m taking notes of the differences in directory layout, and will gladly share them with you.

@TomTerrific you should not stop postfix while importing mail to user folders, only change owner to vmail.

As for User mail boxes we should place them in home dir or in /var/vmail or even /vmail , because some people need to store Emails for 5 years and that is why it should be more simple to find and migrate to storage server.

Nas - did you mean should not stop postfix, or need not stop postfix? I thought of it not as importing, but restoring from backup. I did find a lot of hidden files & folders that also needed their ownership changed. Since NethServer was using bash, I used “shopt -s dotglob” before the chown command, and “shopt -u dotglob” after.

Path differences:
Zentyal 3.2: /var/vmail/domainname.com/username/ (folders cur, new, tmp) plus lots of files, some with “dovecot” in the name.

NethServer 6.7 /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/username/Maildir/ approximately same folders & files as Zentyal

So NethServer path does NOT include the domain name, and has extra folder Maildir

Oh my god you do not need those sive and postfix index files they can ruins sive logic you need only folders like cur incoming and so on.

Probably the dovecot files are harmless. Dovecot is usually smart enough to rebuild then when needed.

Followup (belated), mailserver running NethServer in VM has been chugging away for weeks with no complaint! I was able to copy maildir contents from Zentyal virtual drive to NethServer virtual drive, after getting help with the pathname to use. All the old emails were then accessible, either via mail client or webmail.

I’m grateful to the community for their quick responses to requests. Next time a mail server is needed, I’ll start with NethServer!

Consider this thread resolved. I’ll be happy to help further to document my transition from Zentyal.


Whoa! That’s a real story of success thanks for sharing with us!