Trouble with Active Directory

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: activedirectory

Good morning, something very strange happens with my Nethserver with its Active Directory, when I try to ping the AD IP locally it doesn’t respond, but if I connect through OpenVPN and do the PING it does respond. What can this be due to?

What is your IP here? And how is your vpn configured?

Hi @ssabbath, thanks for your attention

Screenshot 2022-02-28 100803

This is the configuration.



Can you ping the AD from your NethServer (CLI / Console)?

My 2 cents

Yes, from the Nethserver yes, but from another computer in the local network, no.
But if I connect from outside through OpenVPN, it does respond to me, that’s what has me confused.

And here?

Its wierd indeed. Maybe check here something…

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Can clients in your LAN ping your NethServer?

All is good.

LAN not, but VPN clients yes.

Clients in your LAN should be able to ping your NethServer ( AND also your AD !!!).
Maybe the LAN Card has a defect?

Can your NethServer Ping anything on your LAN (PC / Printer / Router)?

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NethServer, all is good

VPN Client, all is good

But, LAN client, failed only AD
lan client

It seems to me to be an issue with the bridge (used for AD)…

Maybe @mrmarkuz has more ideas?

My 2 cents

Could we please see trusted networks panel?

If your NethServer is virtualized you may need some extra configuration, see documentation.

You could disable the firewall to check if it’s a firewall issue:

shorewall clear

Don’t forget to enable again:

signal-event firewall-adjust

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Hi @mrmarkuz, thanks, but…

And tried with shorewall down and nothing.

I assume the issue is in virtualization or on the client.

I think you need to put the vSwitch instead of the port to promiscuous mode.

Did you already try from another client?

Let’s check the routes on the client:

ip r

I also have it like this and nothing.

It’s strange, the same computer in the local network, doesn’t answer me.

But if I connect it to the vpn, it immediately starts connecting.

Just to exclude that it’s a client issue:

Did you already reboot your VMWare/NethServer VM after changing the vSwitch?

If in several clients, external by vpn and internal.
No, I haven’t restarted it, I will and I’ll let you know. Thanks.

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