Today I'm working on NethServer

@sitz 6.5 is ok too!

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: NethServer 6.6 rc1 is coming!

Hi @Stll0 I would like to ask few things:

  1. Can I upgrade my currently SOGo 2.1.1 on NethServer 6.5 to SOGo 2.2.16?
  2. When configuring Outlook 2010/2013 clients I have to create a new Exchange account with https link of SOGo server?

I have read the PDF you linked and sems I had to perform a full installation/configuration/tuning from scratch.

@sitz I just verified all issues! New sogo packages will be released for testing quite soon! Just wait a moment… I’ll open a new topic about it.

OK @alefattorini I’ll wait for your signal :wink:

Just sent new NethServer Updates.
Hope you like it

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It is awesome @alefattorini

Just verified this QA for @davidep
and working on NethServer 6.6 Press Release Notes :smile:

I moved 3 posts to a new topic: Short-term roadmap

I moved a post to an existing topic: Upgrading OwnCloud to 7.0.5

Today I’m working on my

Today it’s time for explanation posts:
Tips for helping others on the NethServer Community
Submitting Ideas and feedback
How to get help on the NethServer Community!
Getting started discussions

Today I’m not working on NethServer :wink:

I’m on holiday for two weeks!


Just updated the welcome message (check the first post) and said hi to our new members!
Now I’m working on a new community digest! Stay tuned

I’m building the 6.7 rc1 ISO. I hope it will be released tomorrow!


Well, I’m sorry but we’re a bit late 'cause we found an old issue with the Italian language. I bet @Jim has hit this point :wink:

@giacomo is working to clean all RPMs from old Italian messages, so we can remove the dependency in nethserver-httpd-admin.

We can build the rc1 ISO after this issue is closed.

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Meanwhile I’m deploying the new infrastructure to publish RPMs.

The main goal is allowing anyone to push an RPM to the testing and nethforge-testing YUM repositories, and start the QA process.

The new infrastructure will be available after 6.7 rc1 release.


Today I’m NOT working on NS… I’ve got a bad headache and I’m testing some pills :smile:

I’ve a proposal for the howtos. I read on ReadTheDocs they support also Markdown, the same syntax of Discourse and Github! We could build an “official howtos” collection to complete the Administrator Guide!

What does the Howto Team think? @AbsyntH, @sitz, @etino, @nrauso

Please add your proposal into the proper topic :smile:

Just added to

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