TIPs page for make Support request

Dears @zamboni and @Jim , I’ll write TIPs page for make Support request , if you have some Ideas do not hesitate to contact me.


That works for 2% of these types of posts.

please do not overdo it, 1% would be fantastic

@Nas: posters don’t read any kind of guide


Nethserver is very modular, it’s could be extremely complicate to do a tips list.
But, I think it could useful to remember this fact in your TIPS.
And to try to describe the problem with much detail as possible, and with the context.

It will be usefull
All experienced sysadmins read the doc… Only the youngs rookies doesn’t :grinning:

@Nas please remind that I have already write:

Could you add your suggestions there?

@alefattorini Alessio, I think @Nas is trying to write a TIP for the proper way to ask for help.
Meaning what to ask and what to provide as information and details on your problem when you ask for help.

If I’m not mistaking ofcourse :smile:


I understand the same thing.

A good complement of “How to get help on the NethServer Community!”

I understand pretty well @nas’s aim, for this reason I pointed out topics above where I already covered such tips. I think that the best way is improving them if needed

we already have that page that almost no one reads and simply keeps asking for help giving us the minimun details “it doesn’t work”

this is quite the normality in every forum/community I joined in the last 20 years, and it won’t change, in any way (personally I think it will only become worst…)

I’m trying with this, whenever a new user starts a new topic a red popup is showed:

Welcome to %{site_name} — thanks for starting a new conversation!

  • Are you asking for help? Please read first this post packing as Much Information in as Possible
  • Does the title sound interesting if you read it out loud? Is it a good summary?
  • Who would be interested in this? Why does it matter? What kind of responses do you want?

Include commonly used words in your topic so others can find it. To group your topic with related topics, select a category.

For more, see our community guidelines.

I apreciate your good will, but I can assure you that almost no one will read it :wink:

for this reason I moved myself to defcon2 status and started to ask (ATM politely) for details… no details, no help

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I understand the Stefano’s point of view.

But at the same time, we can’t desist to give a better orientation for newcomers.

You have this feeling in Europe where all is well organized and signalized… and in general, people with a good education, good manners.
Imagine one minute, here in Brazil where few things are signalized, and fewer education yet… :confused:

Don’t desist: A better education by a better orientation :+1:

It’s the path of humanity, we’re catering to the lowest common denominator more and more every day, soon we will be too stupid and lazy to know how to ask an AI how to fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Kinda like, it’s too much trouble to learn e-smith…

Here we should go back to the old ways, which is now considered rude.


“If you want help, you must help us, by giving us all the info you can about your setup, if you can’t be bothered with that, we are going to continue to put our time into our great server instead of wasting it trying to help you with your problem.”

Of course that leads back to the poster that puts up 120 mB of syslog…

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I don’t know if it is possible (but it should).
In the support section in the Left or right side of the screen to have a “Legend” with what you have mentioned there. And even more:

  • Try to describe your problem as best as you can.
  • Have you look on other similar issues in the forum/google ?
  • Do you have particular setup in place ? HW / SW.
  • Please specify what HW platform / SW platform (version) are you using
  • What do you want to achieve ?
  • What was the problem or what lead to that problem?

I think that if you see this little red cornered legend every time you enter the support section or when you want to post and ask for a support you will begin to start thinking and ask in the proper manner. (I hope) :smile:


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interesting but (unfotunately) useless idea…

posters for help won’t read/follow it, it’s proven by almost 20 years of experience in forums/ng/community support.

I often link this page:

in many places… it is the “bible” on how to ask for help… the answers I have sound like “I have no time to read it, if you want to help you do it, now, otherwise please don’t care about my question”… and this is exactly what I started to do…

Ok, assuming posters won’t read it, we can help the helpers improving this post with @Ctek’s suggestions

In such way, we could help people who’d like to give support, with useful questions to raise

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