Tips for helping others on the NethServer Community

Hey folks,

I thought I’d provide some tips on how you can help out in the NethServer Community.

Since the Community is a place to get help and help others, we try to stay focused on the quality of help, rather than quantity. Below are some examples of how folks have helped out in the Community in the past.

Answering questions in the Community

Many people have questions about NethServer. Oftentimes, you don’t need to be a developer or a tech guru to answer some of these questions. Perhaps, you’ve been a NethServer user for a long time and happen to know more than the average user. Maybe you’re new to NethServer but you have a curious mind. Whatever, the case you can help out by answering questions in Community. Check daily our support category:

The NethServer application can be slightly different in some ways, depending on modules you’re using. So if you’re an expert of firewall module help other firewall users, if you’re in love with mailserver and groupware, share your expert knowledge.

Say thank you and give love

Further, when someone has posted a particularly good answer, feel free to give them “LOVE” by clicking the “Like” button.

Likes contribute to the receivers Community rank, so be sure to say “Thanks” by giving them wherever appropriate.

A fair amount of this copy was plagiarised from a post by Rorey