Time Condition/Time starting-day


and, well, BUG is a strong word for that - Unhappiness!

The starting day of a time condition in Firewall Objects is Sunday.

The starting day of a time for Web Content Filter is Monday.

Unhappy - not more!

I’d have tried to fix it myself, but I still searching for the “onParametersSaved”-function of the ContentFilter.php…or how it otherwise works… :D(well a little bit logic…Modify.php…but I’m still away from changing it my self!)


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I agree, the starting day should be the same (but I need to check both shorewall and ufdb).

What starting day do you propose? Sunday or Monday? (I vote for the latter).

Hi Giacomo,

Standard by ISO 8601 is Monday so I suggest Monday

Von einem Wurstfinger ungeeigneten Gerät gesendet.

-------- Originalnachricht --------

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Added to the roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/NethServer/projects/1#card-1872991


The issue is now in testing:

Would you give it a try? :wink:

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firewall->Time Conditions - well done

Backup(data) - ? :grin: just saw it because you asked

And I’m no inch picker…bad sense of proportion :wink:

Ahaha, I didn’t notice neither this one :smiley:

@Sebastian would you like to try to fix also the backup-data page? :wink:

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TY @Sebastian

Starts with Monday!( so tell me why I don’t like Monday…i shoot the hole day down down down…)